Management of Performance Indicators: Strategic, Tactical and Operational

Indicators of results: evaluation of results obtained by the strategy. This function allows for quick evaluation of the obtained results, by way of the construction of historical series, performance analysis and others. This resource makes controls for calculated indicators automatically based on the projected and accomplished goals.

Indicador estratégico

General view of indicators of diverse content: perspectives, type of indicator, grouping, manager, department. Creating a grid of annual indicators in order to follow the implementation of goals.

Matriz de indicadores

Management and Follow up of Strategic Planning

Allows the creation of Strategic Maps of the organization using a Balanced Scorecard – BSC methodology or customized within the needs of the organization. The Strategy Map allows navigation throughout the planning in an intuitive form; providing a general view of the strategy and the performance of its execution. This function comprises the use of traditional or customized maps, making it possible to navigate through the diverse objectives for a greater break down of the strategic initiatives.

Mapa estratégico dinâmico
Mapa Estratégico

Makes the creation of the strategy deployment and navigation through the levels of data possible in order to reach the strategic objectives.

Gerenciar eixos

Project Management

  • Supports the management of objects, projects, stages, programs and Project portfolios
  • Makes it possible to define deadlines for planning execution for each activity on the chronogram.
  • Makes it possible to evaluate, control and execute planning from predetermined dates (base line)
  • Makes It possible to define work groups for the purpose of budget preparation.
  • Makes It possible to follow up the physical-financial execution of projects
  • Makes It possible to customize follow up graph panels (dashboards) of the project’s status
Publicador gráfico
  • Makes It possible to customize fields and forms with the project’s metadata
  • Makes It possible to create reports/consultations of the project, with several filters, such as by period, status, by code, by supplier, by responsible collaborator, implementing sector, applicant, location, by issue, begin and end date, summary description of maintenance, report of used materials and related costs
  • Makes It possible to manage risks, complications and requests for change to the projects
Matriz de risco
  • Utilizes the concept of user groups to define the collective permissions.
  • Makes it possible to collaborate as a team.
  • Allows for attaching and linking documents to forms, associated to the projects as well as assignments/activities of the same, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIF, BMP, GIF AND PNG.
  • Makes it possible to control the projects’ documentation integrated in the Management and Document module.
Tipos de gráficos
  • Makes it possible to elaborate project models from which it is possible to create projects with automatic fill-in of the model’s configured fields, copying projects or moving projects among the objectives and portfolios.
  • Has a graphic publisher which allows the display of information within different visual modules, providing better follow up of project execution having visualization of time, execution, cost and scope.
Evolução do Projeto

Management of Project Communication

Allows the creation of referrals for action execution in the projects.


Makes it possible to set up due date warnings in order to notify the responsible parties about the projects, within sets of rules that consider the project’s end date, informing the proximity of the end date and/or the lack of updating the information.
Allows the display of notifications from the user, informing the users of the available implementations, the project’s modifications and follow ups of the implementations sent.

Aba de notificações

Allows the creation of corrective actions for the project’s problems, with association to the responsible party as well as notifications of the action’s progress.

Ações corretivas

Allows communication via Telegram: instant communication with smartphones makes instant communication possible with responsible parties to send messages to the Project leader’s smartphone.


Reports and Dashboards

Allows the creation of reports and dynamic graphs about the project’s progress and results, making it possible to save searches as well as automatically sharing the results of searches with the projects and users, being able to be exported to many formats such as PDF, XLS, CSV.

Provides managerial reports considering the strategic deployment of the projects in various formats, executive reports containing systemic data in PDF and Excel.

Relatórios gerenciais

Has a dashboard with general overviews of the strategic project’s execution with Drill Down navigation.


Management of Meetings and Presentations

Provides a module for the creation of project status presentations, providing a flexible configuration to sequence the debate within a meeting. Create your presentations easily and quickly without having to use PowerPoint. These presentations can be viewed online or offline and customized with items that are not available on the platform.


Allows the creation, execution and follow up of strategic and operational meetings. Making the meeting process more productive with greater engagement of those involved, organize records and send related implementations to the projects, indicators or departments. Create electronic minutes of the meeting which sends the implementations to the responsible parties automatically being made available on the pages of the projects with the updates of the defined actions.

Ata de reunião
Participantes da reunião

Geolocalização e Mapas

Make the display of Project actions available by geographical area. Allow the manager a regionalized view of the projects, by way of a map, being possible to navigate through the map and access the related projects, besides viewing status, action summaries and project images. There is an included KML import customized to represent the geographical area.

Mapa regionalização

Offline Navigation

Allows the creation and navigation of the system while off-line, in the presentation mode and the full mode, allowing the manager to take the status and situation of the projects in their whole anywhere with no internet connection.

Geração de offline

Apps for Mobile Devices

  • There are apps for Android available at the Google Play
  • There are apps for iOS at the Apple Store
  • There are apps for Windows 8/10 at the Windows Store